Jan 03

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Cialis sample, Cliff Mautner, cialis sample, Wedding Photographer, cialis sample, and Nikon Legend Behind the Lens joins host Scott Sheppard to share tips and anecdotes of his 27 years as a professional photographer, cialis sample, transition into his new Haddonfield studio, cialis sample, and some details of his upcoming events and training classes. Cialis sample, Cliff talks about recently completing an exciting project for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" along with fellow photographer Susan Stripling which will be airing soon on ABC. Cialis sample,

Cialis sample, Cliff has instructed various seminars and workshops the past few years and recently announced the dates for his Spring ‘09 sessions - Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp. Cialis sample, - April 21-23, cialis sample, 2009 held in his Haddonfield, cialis sample, NJ studio. Cialis sample, He will also be hosting many sessions at the upcoming WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, cialis sample, where he is also judging the print competition and participating in the "Plus" conferences. Cialis sample,

Cialis sample, Cliff and Scott discuss the latest Nikon news and more importantly shares his vision and passion for his work. Cialis sample, Cliff explains how important the comaraderie aspect is among his students and fellow wedding photographers. Cialis sample,

Cialis sample, To stay up to date on Cliff’s latest visit his website at: http://www.cmphotography.com and his blog at: http://cliffmautner.typepad.com/

Cialis sample, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Cialis sample, McNamara
This week’s topic: Editorial Photos - Fact? Fiction? or Fantasy?

Cialis sample, Mike joins us in celebrating the 3 year anniversay of the "McNamara Report" Blog first on Popphoto.com and now available at: http://www.mcnamarareport.com. Cialis sample, Mike and Scott discuss some key issues in editorial and journalistic photography today. Cialis sample, Most photographers rely on the wonders of Photoshop to edit their images so they are aesthetically pleasing, cialis sample, but at what point does editing a photograph change the overall story or instance. Cialis sample, If we accept that lines of reality or truth in imagery are crossed daily, cialis sample, how do we judge where that line is drawn. Cialis sample, Mike explores examples in a range of photo genres. Cialis sample,

Cialis sample, Listen in on the McNamara Report segment or get more photo insights and analysis on a variety of topics from Mike McNamara at: http://www.mcnamarareport.com

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Nov 01

Sales viagra, Listen NOW…

Sales viagra, Steve Anchell, sales viagra, Photographer, sales viagra, Trainer, sales viagra, and Author, sales viagra, Steve Anchell Workshops, sales viagra, joins host Scott Sheppard for a lively discussion on analog vs. Sales viagra, hybrid workflows and his latest book "The Darkroom Cookbook". Sales viagra, Steve and Scott discuss how to get the best results using both worlds by capturing the original image on film and then scanning the negatives into a digital environment. Sales viagra, Steve explains details on his workflow which include tools such as the Epson Perfection V750-M Pro with a fluid mount accessory for wet mount film scanning to help reduce scratches and adjust grain. Sales viagra, Once the negatives are prepared and scanned, sales viagra, Steve prepares them for output at 13 x 19 on his Epson 2400 for pleasing results very close to what you might see on standard film processed prints. Sales viagra,

Sales viagra, Steve shares some tips about digital color spaces and gamut in a hybrid workflow. Sales viagra, Although he is considered a master in a darkroom, sales viagra, Steve discusses his experiences in working with scanned images and explains how a hybrid workflow can gain a larger range from your images seeing greater details in darker areas and shadows than working directly in film. Sales viagra, He also advises rather than take a hard position that one method is "better" than another method, sales viagra, part of the beauty of photography and imaging is the range of options available and treating each method as part of the art involved in great printmaking. Sales viagra, Steve prefers to shoot digital for his color work but again accepts each method for their inherent benefits and capabilities. Sales viagra,

Sales viagra, Since 1979, sales viagra, Steve has run a popular series of location based workshops including teaching courses at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, sales viagra, and the longest running workshop on figure photography in the world, sales viagra, The Nude at Big Sur. Sales viagra, To find out more about his work and latest workshops visit: http://www.anchellworkshops.com/

Sales viagra, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Sales viagra, McNamara
This week’s topic: The paint never dries in photoshop and the ink never dries on the web.

Sales viagra, In today’s economy keeping up with the latest versions of every software program you own can be a difficult decision, sales viagra, especially when some image retouching programs cost hundreds of dollars to upgrade and there are lower cost alternatives on the market. Sales viagra, In this segment, sales viagra, Mike tackles the tough issue of “to upgrade or not to upgrade?”, sales viagra, sharing his own experience testing and using every version of Photoshop since it was a Beta version in 1989, sales viagra, and having witnessed every conceivable computer crash caused by new operating system software, sales viagra, corrupt printer drivers, sales viagra, and not-ready-for-prime-time releases. Sales viagra, Bottom line? For best results, sales viagra, upgrading software often requires updating hardware, sales viagra, on both Macs and PCs.

In this segment, sales viagra, learn about options for getting what you need without paying for features you don’t. Sales viagra, For example, sales viagra, Mike suggests trying to master Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 on your PC before emptying out your back account for the latest Photoshop CS4 version, sales viagra, or opting for the Adobe Photoshop Elements bundle that includes Premiere Elements 7.0 for movie editing.

Sales viagra, Listen in on the McNamara Report segment or get more insights and analysis from Mike McNamara at: http://www.mcnamarareport.com

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