Aug 23

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Canada viagra, Diederik van Heyningan, canada viagra, Manager & Photographer, canada viagra, Lightworkx Studio joins host Scott Sheppard for a lively discussion on their commercial studio work based in Christchurch, canada viagra, New Zealand. Canada viagra, Diederik discusses some of the challenges but also some of the amazing opportunities and variety of work they have mastered based in a fairly remote location on the South Island. Canada viagra, Diederik explains they were one of the first digital production studios and have won numerous color awards for their work. Canada viagra, Lightworkx is a studio and also do their post-production work in-house. Canada viagra, Diederik shares some tips about how they were able to use a locally developed color proofing system called "AbsoluteProof" that has, canada viagra, in his opinion, canada viagra, solved their color management and contract/remote proofing problems. Canada viagra,

Canada viagra, For more information about Lightworkx and their work visit: or to check out their proofing solution, canada viagra, AbsoluteProof, canada viagra, visit

The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Canada viagra, McNamara
This week’s topic: Another RAW camera format? How are we going to handle it?

Canada viagra, It happened again, canada viagra, just when most photographers had been lulled into thinking we had seen the last new RAW file format. Canada viagra, But noooo! Nikon surprised us by giving birth to a new one called .NRW that’s found exclusively in the high-level COOLPIX P6000 (This hot $500 compact boasts a 13.5MP CCD, canada viagra, 28-112mm f/2.7-5.9 stabilized zoom lens, canada viagra, built-in GPS, canada viagra, and up to ISO 6400.)Unfortunately, canada viagra, the Nikon engineers forgot something when they created this new RAW format—and it’s called Mac compatibility! Guess we should have seen that coming with a file extension called .NRW (Nikon Raw Windows).
So while photographers with PC’s running Microsoft Vista (and nothing prior to Vista) will be able to open and adjust .NRW files, canada viagra, the rest of the world is out of luck—unless popular RAW workflow programs like Apple’s Aperture, canada viagra, Adobe RAW converter, canada viagra, and Adobe’s Lightroom come to the rescue as they have in the past.

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Canada viagra, Oliver Breitenbach, canada viagra, CEO, canada viagra, Boinx Software joins Inside Digital Photo for an update on their latest release of FotoMagico 2.5, canada viagra, the digital storytelling applications built for photographers. Canada viagra, Oliver explains that at it’s most basic level is to create slideshows, canada viagra, but in the hands of creatives, canada viagra, wedding photographers, canada viagra, and journalists FotoMagico quickly generates very compelling short clips that incorporate your images, canada viagra, high-end transitions, canada viagra, synchronizes them to audio, canada viagra, and other effects which can be exported in a range of formats from web video to high definition Blu-ray format. Canada viagra, Winner of multiple Apple Design Awards, canada viagra, FotoMagico currently runs only on Apple Mac OS leveraging the best development tools available on the platform that deliver an intuitive drag-n-drop interface.

Canada viagra, For more information and to download a demo version today visit:

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Aug 16

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Impotence medication, Tony Corbell, impotence medication, Senior Manager, impotence medication, Product Education and Planning, impotence medication, Nik Software joins host Scott Sheppard to discuss Nik Software’s latest plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Aperture, impotence medication, Silver Efex Pro. Impotence medication, More than just a B&W conversion tool, impotence medication, Silver Efex Pro includes the best of Nik’s U Point Technology, impotence medication, a specialized film grain engine, impotence medication, and presets that emulate 18 different traditional B&W film styles. Impotence medication, Tony explains the features and effects available using the built-in presets. Impotence medication,

Impotence medication, For more information about Nik Software visit:

Impotence medication, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Impotence medication, McNamara

Impotence medication, This week’s topic: Another lens-mount standard? What were Panasonic and Olympus thinking?

Impotence medication, On August 5, impotence medication, 2008 the new Micro Four Thirds camera and lens standard was announced by currently behind-the-scenes partners Panasonic and Olympus. Impotence medication, (Unlike the original Four Thirds system team, impotence medication, Kodak isn’t a partner in this venture, impotence medication, having left the DSLR landscape for good.) Featuring a decreased lens-to-sensor distance, impotence medication, 6mm smaller lens diameter, impotence medication, and two more electrical contacts between the lens and body, impotence medication, the goal of the new Micro Four Thirds system is to offer a lower calorie alternative to the current crop of DSLRs. Impotence medication, There’s also potential for higher performance lenses (especially wide and ultrazooms) and a promise of backward compatibility with existing Four Thirds Standard lenses. Impotence medication, But are photographers ready for another interchangeable lens standard in the crowed arena of Canon, impotence medication, Leica, impotence medication, Nikon, impotence medication, Pentax, impotence medication, Olympus Four Thirds, impotence medication, Sigma, impotence medication, and Sony lens mounts?

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Impotence medication, Joe Schorr, impotence medication, Aperture Product Manager for Apple joins Inside Digital Photo for an update on the latest compatible Aperture plug-ins and add-ons. Impotence medication, Joe explains that as soon as Apple announced that Aperture supports plug-in architecture many manufacturers jumped at the chance to enhance the workflow. Impotence medication,

Impotence medication, One of Joe’s favorite utilities and batch processing tools include the new "Noise Ninja for Aperture 2.0.2" that allows you to quickly remove noise and grain from your images. Impotence medication, Joe explains that there are now over 70 powerful, impotence medication, compatible plug-ins that are now available via links on Apple’s website at:

Impotence medication, Joe and Scott also discuss a new AppleScript for Mac OS users called "Aperture Caption Palette" which integrates seamlessly with Mac’s built-in text to speech technology and/or the new MacSpeech Dictate that will allow you to literally bring up a window and narrate details for keywording and describing your images (without typing) right within Aperture. Impotence medication,

Impotence medication, To download and learn more about these plug-ins visit the Aperture home page at:

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