Nov 15

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Cialis 20mg, John Reuter, cialis 20mg, Principle, cialis 20mg, 20×24 Holdings LLC and head of 20×24 Studio, cialis 20mg, Master Photoshop Instructor, cialis 20mg, and Artist joins host Scott Sheppard for an in-depth look at his background and experience with Photoshop and hybrid workflows in digital art. Cialis 20mg, John’s journey in photography began in early college where one of his professors introduced him to the fine art aspect of solarization and reticulation including studio photography. Cialis 20mg, He then began working for Polaroid as a Research Photographer which allowed him to work closely with their development team and field test a variety of their film formats.

Cialis 20mg, While at Polaroid, cialis 20mg, John was able to work with their large format 20 x 24 camera, cialis 20mg, which literally captures Polaroid images 20" wide by 24" tall and soon learned to incorporate this medium into his art. Cialis 20mg, John eventually became the studio manager for Polaroid’s 20×24 Studio and became involved in digital imaging since it’s inception working with film scanners, cialis 20mg, Photoshop, cialis 20mg, film recorders thereby starting his digital hybrid workflow experience. Cialis 20mg, Digital image capture and scanning became an intregal part of his creative expression as did digital image transfers. Cialis 20mg, John even experimented with digital prints using the early Iris and Epson inkjet printers onto watercolor paper. Cialis 20mg,

Cialis 20mg, Since 1995, cialis 20mg, John, cialis 20mg, teaches art-focused Photoshop classes, cialis 20mg, featuring digital collages and Polaroid scanning techniques. Cialis 20mg, A series using Holga cameras and Polaroid, cialis 20mg, and created a podcast series last year, cialis 20mg, "Creative Photoshop Techniques with John Reuter" featuring tips and tutorials on using Photoshop for fine art. Cialis 20mg,

Cialis 20mg, After Polaroid stopped making their instant film, cialis 20mg, John formed 20×24 Holdings LLC and now manages the NYC based studio with Jennifer Trausch and continues to capture incredible 20×24 art images for talents that include William Wegman, cialis 20mg, David Leventhal, cialis 20mg, Mary Ellen Maher, cialis 20mg, and many others. Cialis 20mg, The camera and studio are available for rent and offer a great experience for any art enthusiast. Cialis 20mg,

Cialis 20mg, Find out more about John’s background, cialis 20mg, work, cialis 20mg, and training classes at or find out more about the studio at: http://www.20×

Cialis 20mg, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Cialis 20mg, McNamara
This week’s topic: Are we giving up our right to take scenic photographs?

Cialis 20mg, The tragedy of 911 brings back haunting images of an unforgivable attack on innocent people, cialis 20mg, especially for those who lost loved ones and neighbors. Cialis 20mg, In its aftermath, cialis 20mg, we all agreed that security had to be tightened to prevent such an act from reoccurring. Cialis 20mg, But have we gone too far by adding laws that actually prevent nature and scenic photographers from taking pictures of lakes, cialis 20mg, bridges, cialis 20mg, dams, cialis 20mg, and other scenes that inspired previous generations of painters and photographers?

Cialis 20mg, In this segment, cialis 20mg, Mike has some stories to tell about his latest encounters with growing photo restrictions in his rural home town area north of New York City. Cialis 20mg,

Cialis 20mg, Listen in on the McNamara Report segment or get more photo insights and analysis on a variety of topics from Mike McNamara at:

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Nov 08

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Cialis mastercard, Tom Hogarty, cialis mastercard, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, cialis mastercard, Adobe joins host Scott Sheppard for an update and discussion on the latest release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. Cialis mastercard, Tom explains the background and differences between image tools in Adobe Photoshop, cialis mastercard, Bridge, cialis mastercard, and Lightroom. Cialis mastercard, Lightroom was specifically developed to meet the needs of professional photographers and has many features to help optimize your non-destructive workflow. Cialis mastercard, Unlike Photoshop for example, cialis mastercard, Lightroom does not work at the pixel level but within the metadata of the image.All Lightroom’s editing tools do not actually modify the original image file so experimenting with adjustments is easy and safe - and available in batch mode letting you apply adjustments on the fly. Cialis mastercard, Lightroom is built to handle multiple image files where Photoshop focuses more on the detailed editing on a single image. Cialis mastercard,

Cialis mastercard, One of the key new features, cialis mastercard, Tom discusses is the new version’s built-in local adjustment brush that includes a "dodge and burn" tool which allows you to selectively modify images rather than apply changes to the entire images. Cialis mastercard, In addition, cialis mastercard, Lightroom 2 also features 64-bit processing support that optimizes the available memory on both your Mac and Windows version making working with your images faster and more efficient. Cialis mastercard, Tom assures us that some of the performance issues including camera support have been updated and are available online. Cialis mastercard,

Cialis mastercard, Another feature inherent to RAW image capture is color management and camera profiles. Cialis mastercard, Lightroom 2 includes improved camera profiles for a large range of popular systems including Canon and Nikon. Cialis mastercard, Tom explains that Adobe Labs has also released a free camera profile editing tool "DNG Profile Editor" which allows you to completely customize your profiles on various levels. Cialis mastercard,

Cialis mastercard, For more information visit: or Tom’s blog at:

Cialis mastercard, For additional resources and training on Lightroom visit: or

Cialis mastercard, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Cialis mastercard, McNamara
This week’s topic: Kodak + Motorola = 5MP Camera Phone

Cialis mastercard, Camera phones have been part of the digital imaging landscape for the last five years, cialis mastercard, but you don’t see any landscape photographers using them! That might change soon as decent cameras start appearing in affordable camera phones (they’ve been around for a while, cialis mastercard, but who could afford $500 or more for a 5MP or higher phone?) The Motorola MOTOZINE™ ZN5 camera phone, cialis mastercard, priced at only $99 with a two year contract, cialis mastercard, might be the first of a new breed with its 5MP camera engine designed and manufactured by Kodak. Cialis mastercard, It also features an autofocus lens, cialis mastercard, 2.4″ LCD screen, cialis mastercard, and many other features that appear to make it a camera first, cialis mastercard, phone second. Cialis mastercard, Plus, cialis mastercard, it integrates with Kodak’s online photo sharing and processing tools. Cialis mastercard, Ok, cialis mastercard, it’s not an iPhone 2.0 or a Nokia N95, cialis mastercard, and its missing a fast 3G internet connection, cialis mastercard, but for the price and image quality potential it might be worth considering. Cialis mastercard, Find out more on the phone at: , cialis mastercard, and listen in on the McNamara Report segment to get more insights and analysis from Mike McNamara at:

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