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Aug 04

Rick Sammon & Rick’s Pixelmagic

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Rick Sammon, , Photographer, , Author, , and Canon Explorer of Light joins host Scott Sheppard for a lively discussion on his latest projects, , courses, , and work. , One new project is a new video training series available on , He just finished work on his latest DVD, , “How to use the Canon Digital Rebel” with his partner David Leveen via their company PixelMagic. ,

Rick also teaches live hands-on group and private workshops in exotic locations such as Mongolia, , Namibia, , Kenya, , the Amazon, , Africa and more. , Each workshop provides him with unique experiences and allows him to indulge in his personal passion of people and portrait photography. , These are some images from his recent Mongolia trip.

He pursues his passion for teaching not only with live seminars and workshops but also through his DVD’s and online video sessions. , He takes his video tutorials as a way for photographers to spend some personal training time with Rick’s approach to various topics including, , lighting, , exposure, , and overall composition. ,

Rick and Scott engage in a lively discussion about his workflow, , gear, , and equipment. , Rick gives examples of his personal and project work and the combination of tools he used in order to create the mood and ultimately capture the image he intended while on-location. , He shares some tips and insight to his image style such as; he exposes his shots to optimize the highlights of the images, , he uses creative lighting tools to achieve the proper image balance, , he prefers to shoot his images in RAW format, , and tries to visualize the shots from various angles in composition looking for the “pictures within the picture”. ,

Rick has worked closely with Canon over his career and shares his experiences and tips regarding the various camera bodies in their line. , He also shares some tips about his personal digital darkroom tools either in studio or on the road. ,

Find out more about Rick and his books at: or his DVD collection at:

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