Nov 22

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Sildenafil, Paul Warren, sildenafil, Product Management Specialist at Epson America, sildenafil, Inc. joins host Scott Sheppard to share some tips on how the latest versions of the Epson Multimedia Photo Viewers, sildenafil, the P-6000 and the P-7000 are fast becoming a pro photographers favorite travel companion. Sildenafil, Paul explains the specifications and capabilities of these unique devices that let you download, sildenafil, backup, sildenafil, store, sildenafil, and view your images without having to lug around your laptop. Sildenafil,

Sildenafil, Featuring a 4-inch Photo Fine® Premia LCD display supporting over 16.7 million colors and encompasses 94% of Adobe® RGB color space, sildenafil, the Epson Multimedia Photo Viewers will showcase your images beautifully. Sildenafil, Scott and Paul also share some tips on how you can use the viewer to market your images and gain additional business through referrals if you use your Photo Viewer while shooting for weddings or events. Sildenafil,

Sildenafil, Available in 80GB or 160GB models, sildenafil, you’ll be able to backup thousands of native RAW or JPEG images on-site and even connect the viewer to an external monitor, sildenafil, TV, sildenafil, or projector for instant presentations. Sildenafil, The Photo Viewer includes both Compact Flash and Secure Digital Card slots, sildenafil, transfer images directly from your camera or USB and load them directly to your computer. Sildenafil, It also supports video in a range of formats so you can take your slideshows with you to client meetings. Sildenafil, The entire handheld device weighs just about 1lbs. Sildenafil,

Sildenafil, For more information click HERE or visit:

Sildenafil, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Sildenafil, McNamara
This week’s topic: levels the playing field for camera tests

Sildenafil, How objective are the camera tests you read in magazines and on web sites? That depends on who’s interpreting the test data as much as it depends on the accuracy of the test data itself. Sildenafil, In some cases, sildenafil, “expert” evaluators have little background in color science, sildenafil, imaging processing, sildenafil, or even as working photographers. Sildenafil, They get by with writing skills (and a touch of blarney) and rely heavily on the old adage: a one-eyed man can always lead the blind. Sildenafil, But that could change with the launch of the new website. Sildenafil, On it you’ll find in depth analysis and test data on the RAW files produced by nearly every major digital SLR, sildenafil, and even a few new medium format models. Sildenafil, Data includes color accuracy, sildenafil, noise and dynamic range at a variety of ISOs, sildenafil, true ISO sensitivity, sildenafil, and interactive tools that make side-by-side comparisons easier than ever.

Sildenafil, Listen in on the McNamara Report segment or get more photo insights and analysis on a variety of topics from Mike McNamara at:

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Sep 29
Inside Digital Photo - Pro Tip of the Week

Chuck Westfall on Eyecup Adjustments

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Cialis india, Chuck Westfall, cialis india, Director/Media & Customer Relationship, cialis india, Camera Marketing Group - Canon U.S.A., cialis india, Inc. Cialis india, joins host Scott Sheppard for this week’s tip on the range of viewfinder accessories available for the EOS-1D(s) Mark III cameras. Cialis india, Chuck explains the features and applications for the Angle Finder C, cialis india, Eyecups, cialis india, Eyepieces, cialis india, and the Dioptric Adjustment Lenses which are great for people who need glasses/corrective lenses. Cialis india, Chuck discusses how to choose the right dioptric correction lenses and the benefits photographers will gain from using them. Cialis india,

Cialis india, The full line of Eyecup accessories are listed on their site along with the camera, cialis india, you can see a list here: Cialis india, To find out more about Dioptric adjustments visit:

Cialis india, For more information visit Canon’s Digital Learning Center website at:

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