Dec 29

Generic cialis, High-Speed Flash Memory / Hybrid Workflows

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Generic cialis, Bob Schmidt, generic cialis, VP Sales Hoodman USA joins host Scott Sheppard to discuss high-speed flash memory options for your digital camera including their line of RAW UDMA memory cards. Generic cialis, Bob clarifies the different types of cards available today and the benefits they offer your digital workflow. Generic cialis, Key considerations include not only storage capacity but also reliability, generic cialis, speed, generic cialis, and lifespan of the cards.

Generic cialis, Bob explains that demanding shoots require cards that can perform consistently upon image capture. Generic cialis, UDMA cards offer a new image transfer protocol that is faster and much more compatible with the newer and higher end digital SLR cameras. Generic cialis, Hear how choosing the right card in a digital workflow is as important as choosing the right film type and speed in a traditional film/analog workflow. Generic cialis,

Generic cialis, To find out more about Hoodman’s full line of memory cards, generic cialis, readers, generic cialis, and accessories visit:

Generic cialis, Damaso Reyes, generic cialis, Photographer/Photojournalist, generic cialis, joins Inside Digital Photo to discuss some tips about managing a hybrid – film & digital – workflow. Generic cialis, As a photojournalist, generic cialis, Damaso spends a lot of time shooting on location most recently working on a photo documentary project called “The Europeans” where he explores the recent changes in Europe and how it effects it’s people.

Generic cialis, Damaso prefers to shoot film at this point since much of his story work and images are best portrayed in black and white. Generic cialis, Damaso explains his workflow and preferred gear for this project which includes capturing the images consistently with a Leica film camera. Generic cialis, He then scans the film negatives at a high-resolution which automatically creates a backup and provides him the flexibility of a digital file which he can adjust in Photoshop and also output the final images at a larger size digitally. Generic cialis,

Generic cialis, Hear details of his practical approach to managing the intricacies of a true hybrid workflow.

Generic cialis, For more information about Damaso, generic cialis, his blog and examples of his work visit: or

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Dec 26

New cialis, EPP Logo

Inside Digital Photo Special Report
Product Profile - Part II
Epson Perfection Photo Scanners

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In this week’s special report, new cialis, Greg Newcomb, new cialis, Epson’s Marketing Coordinator for Image Capture Products joins host Scott Sheppard to discuss the technical details of how to transfer your analog film library into your digital workflow. New cialis, Greg explains the details of their top of the line Epson Perfection V750-M Pro, new cialis, the first flatbed scanner capable of 6400 dpi resolution. New cialis, The scanner utilizes a Dual Lens™ System to optimize each scan and integrates Digital ICE Technologies that automatically remove scratches, new cialis, dust, new cialis, and minor surface defects that are huge time savers when batch processing negatives. New cialis, The V750-M Pro also has a unique fluid mount system that gives further scratch removal and grain reduction for black-and-white film. New cialis,  

New cialis, Greg also describes some features and differences among the various models including the Epson Perfection V500 Photo. New cialis,

New cialis, For more information on Epson’s line of scanners and latest professional imaging products visit:

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