Oct 25

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Get cialis, Doug Murdoch, get cialis, Designer & President, get cialis, Think Tank Photo joins host Scott Sheppard with some tips about traveling with your camera gear. Get cialis, Think Tank Photo develops a range of camera bags specifically to meet the needs of the professional photographer. Get cialis, Working closely with a team of working photojournalists, get cialis, and other shooters for the past four years the feedback they’ve received from the field testing have been incorporated in their line of carriers and transporters. Get cialis,

Get cialis, Doug discusses their latest addition launched at Photokina, get cialis, the Shape Shifter Backpack. Get cialis, Unlike other photo backpacks, get cialis, the Shape Shifter actually changes it’s depth allowing you to expand or contract the bag to snugly fit your camera bodies and lenses without taking up extra unnecessary space. Get cialis, This is critical for traveling on location, get cialis, and through airports. Get cialis, The backpack is soft and flexible, get cialis, fully padded with air pockets on your back making it comfortable to wear while working. Get cialis, It includes extension flaps that work with the Speed Belt enabling quick access to lens changes while shooting, get cialis, acting as a harness that provides additional stability to the backpack. Get cialis, All Think Tank modular products are designed to work together and help you configure a solution completely customized to carry your favorite gear. Get cialis,

Get cialis, Doug also describes their Skin line of carriers, get cialis, that are thin, get cialis, and lightweight without heavy padding developed for times when you don’t need the extra weight especially critical while traveling. Get cialis, Most photographers cringe at the idea of checking their camera or lenses at any point during their travels. Get cialis, Think Tank’s lightweight solutions allow for configurations that hold equipment securely to your body or fit easily under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Get cialis,

Get cialis, For more information on their full line of products visit: http://www.thinktankphoto.com/

Get cialis, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Get cialis, McNamara
This week’s topic: Still shooters: Are you ready for video?

Get cialis, Today’s DSLRs are starting to add live video capture modes to their Live View modes. Get cialis, For example, get cialis, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II : a Full frame 21.1MP camera with full 1080p HD video and sound (mono from camera, get cialis, or stereo with optional mike via input jack). Get cialis, The Nikon D90: an APS-C sized sensor that can capture 720p video (with mono sound) in Motion JPEG format with the professional smoothness of 24 frames per second.

Get cialis, On both cameras, get cialis, the sensor is much larger than those found on typical pro or amateur camcorder, get cialis, helping to deliver higher image quality and exceptional low-noise still images, get cialis, as well as high ISO capture and dramatic depth of field control during movie shooting. Get cialis, Capturing creative movie clips or the drama of life’s moving moments is further enhanced by the wide selection of incredibly sharp Canon and NIKKOR interchangeable lenses that are available, get cialis, from fisheye to wide-angle to super-telephoto (and image stabilization works in video mode!) But is video capture a great feature on a DSLR, get cialis, or just one more tool that will rarely get used? Listen in on the McNamara Report segment.
Read more insights and analysis from Mike McNamara on: http://www.mcnamarareport.com

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Oct 18

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Cialis cheap, Dan (Dano) Steinhardt, cialis cheap, Marketing Manager, cialis cheap, Epson Professional Imaging joins host Scott Sheppard for an update on their latest announcements including the new Epson Ultrachrome HDR ink set, cialis cheap, the Epson Stylus Pro 7990-9900 and The Epson Print Academy. Cialis cheap, Dano explains some features and details, cialis cheap, including the revolutionary color gamut, cialis cheap, available in their new 24-inch Epson Stylus® Pro 7900 and the 44-inch Epson Stylus Pro 9900. Cialis cheap, Developed to serve the needs of commercial, cialis cheap, flexo, cialis cheap, and package proofing requirements, cialis cheap, the enhanced printers offer high-density pigment chemistry, cialis cheap, Epson UltraChrome HDR ink technology with all-new Orange and Green inks, cialis cheap, and AccuPhoto™ HDR screening technology. Cialis cheap, The Epson Stylus Pro series also features an optional high performance, cialis cheap, in-line spectrophotometer for commercial proofing applications. Cialis cheap, Developed by Epson in partnership with X-Rite®, cialis cheap, the SpectroProofer™ incorporates a high performance X-Rite ILS20 spectrophotometer for extreme measurement and color output accuracy. Cialis cheap,

Cialis cheap, For more information on Epson’s Pro Imaging line visit: http://proimaging.epson.com

Cialis cheap, Dano also explains some details on their new Epson Print Academy, cialis cheap, starting November 8, cialis cheap, 2008 in Atlanta, cialis cheap, GA. Cialis cheap, This 15 city tour features all new content in two main tracks; Track One, cialis cheap, for advanced amateurs and photo enthusiasts and Track Two for working photography professionals. Cialis cheap, With topics covering all aspects of your workflow from capture to final prints, cialis cheap, taught by the industry’s leading pro photographers and printmakers, cialis cheap, the Epson Print Academy offers a great value on a day seminar full of hands-on how-to workflow tutorials. Cialis cheap,

Cialis cheap, For more information on Epson Print Academy visit: http://www.epsonprintacademy.com

Cialis cheap, The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Cialis cheap, McNamara
This week’s topic: Are Medium Format digital cameras on the way out?

Cialis cheap, At the Photokina trade show in Cologne, cialis cheap, Germany this September, cialis cheap, Hasselblad introduced two new medium format digital cameras, cialis cheap, the H3DII-39 and the H3DII50. Cialis cheap, The Hasselblad H3DII-50 will be the first camera in the market equipped with Kodak’s larger-than-35mm 50 megapixel CCD sensor. Cialis cheap, In 2009, cialis cheap, Hasselblad claims the bar will be raised again with the Hasselblad H3DII-60, cialis cheap, a 60 megapixel version.The 39.5MP H3DII-39 is available from $ 21.995, cialis cheap, and the H3DII-50 from $27.995. Cialis cheap, The Hasselblad H3DII-60, cialis cheap, expected in April 2009, cialis cheap, will have a price-tag of about $35, cialis cheap,500.

Cialis cheap,
At a press conference during Photokina, cialis cheap, Hasselblad CEO Christian Poulsen contended that digital SLR companies won’t be able to compete with medium format because their lenses can’t handle the resolution. Cialis cheap, "In my opinion, cialis cheap, for those cameras, cialis cheap, the pixel game should’ve been over a few years ago, cialis cheap," Poulsen told the packed crowd. Cialis cheap, "I don’t think you can tell the difference between a 16-megapixel camera and a 21 or 24-megapixel camera and that has nothing to do with the sensor, cialis cheap, it has to do with the resolution of the lenses."

Cialis cheap,
Is he kidding? Facts don’t support his statement about lens resolution and MP wars. Cialis cheap, And the real question is whether or not the higher price for these medium format bodies and lenses is worth it when compared to existing 21 and 25MP full frame DSLRs from Canon and Sony.

Cialis cheap, Read more insights and analysis from Mike McNamara on: http://www.mcnamarareport.com

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