Sep 29
Inside Digital Photo - Pro Tip of the Week

Chuck Westfall on Eyecup Adjustments

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Cialis india, Chuck Westfall, cialis india, Director/Media & Customer Relationship, cialis india, Camera Marketing Group - Canon U.S.A., cialis india, Inc. Cialis india, joins host Scott Sheppard for this week’s tip on the range of viewfinder accessories available for the EOS-1D(s) Mark III cameras. Cialis india, Chuck explains the features and applications for the Angle Finder C, cialis india, Eyecups, cialis india, Eyepieces, cialis india, and the Dioptric Adjustment Lenses which are great for people who need glasses/corrective lenses. Cialis india, Chuck discusses how to choose the right dioptric correction lenses and the benefits photographers will gain from using them. Cialis india,

Cialis india, The full line of Eyecup accessories are listed on their site along with the camera, cialis india, you can see a list here: Cialis india, To find out more about Dioptric adjustments visit:

Cialis india, For more information visit Canon’s Digital Learning Center website at:

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Sep 27

Inside Digital Photo - Special Report
Photokina 2008

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Viagra rx, Join Scott Sheppard and Mike McNamara as they review this year’s highlights announced at Photokina 2008 held in Cologne, viagra rx, Germany September 23-28, viagra rx, 2000. Viagra rx, Many of the product that were introduced were previewed in the U.S. Viagra rx, prior to the event and Scott and Mike share their personal experiences with them and discuss some products that should stay on your radar screen as the fall show season unfolds. Viagra rx,

  • Adobe CS4 - many features added to this version provide enhanced productivity which at first seem tuned for graphic/print design but will offer great benefits for professional photographers once they become more familiar with the new tools. Viagra rx,
  • Casio - announced the Casio HIGH SPEED EXILIM Pro EX-F1 and the EX-FH20 Camera superzoom with 9.1 megapixels, viagra rx, and high speed burst shooting up to 40 fps at 7 megapixels and high definition movie recording at up to 1, viagra rx,000 fps. Viagra rx, At a price point around $600.
  • Canon - launched the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, viagra rx, which could easily become the camera of the year but they also showed their new top range compact digital, viagra rx, the PowerShot G10. Viagra rx, Both cameras offer the key functionality and performance near their professional cameras but are marketed to the prosumer/entry-level DSLR users. Viagra rx,
  • Leica - introduced the Leica S2, viagra rx, with its premium collection of lenses that include everything from ultra wide to super telephoto. Viagra rx, The S2 features a smaller metal body that is easier to carry, viagra rx, and a special new sensor with 30 x 45 mm and 37.5 megapixels designed for professionals. Viagra rx,
  • Sigma - delivered upgrades to their camera bodies with Sigma SD15 powered by the 14 megapixel Foveon X3 direct-image-sensor which captures all primary RGB colors. Viagra rx, They also announced the Sigma DP2, viagra rx, also 14 megapixel high definition digital camera, viagra rx, which packs the full spec of a DSLR into the body of a compact camera.
  • Pentax - took the lead in the entry-level category with their lightweight, viagra rx, easy to maneuver, viagra rx, PENTAX K-m digital SLR camera and lenses. Viagra rx, The lenses include two DA L-series interchangeable zoom lenses: the smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL and the smc PENTAX-DA L 50-200mmF4-5.6ED. Viagra rx, The system is perfect for first-time DSLR users.
  • Ricoh -adds another "cult" point-and-shoot with the GX200 featuring 24 mm wide-angle optical 3x zoom and an effective 12 mega-pixel CCD. Viagra rx, Not readily available in the U.S. Viagra rx, these cameras add another option to those wishing for their unique status and capabilities.
  • Epson - introduced the Epson Perfection V300 entry level scanner, viagra rx, at a price of $99 which includes 4800 x 9600 dpi optical resolution and a built in transparency unit to scan 35mm film. Viagra rx,

Viagra rx, Scott & Mike also shared their insights to new products announced by Fuji, viagra rx, Nikon, viagra rx, Olympus, viagra rx, Panasonic, viagra rx, and Kodak with their predictions on the impact of these new technologies and their effect on the "megapixel" and "camera wars" which are sure to drive performance to new heights in the next 6 months. Viagra rx,

Viagra rx, Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage on these products or visit Mike’s site "The McNamara Report" at Viagra rx,

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