Sep 29

Eddie Tapp on Color Management

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Eddie Tapp, sildenafil citrate, award-winning Photographer, sildenafil citrate, Lecturer, sildenafil citrate, Consultant and Author joins host Scott Sheppard to share some tips and techniques on how he maintains consistent color throughout his workflow. Sildenafil citrate, Eddie has been shooting digital since 1993 and works closely with X-Rite as a “colorati”, sildenafil citrate, helping to teach others how to implement color management, sildenafil citrate, and is also a Canon “Explorer of Light”. Sildenafil citrate,

Eddie has many new projects in the works including a one-day workshop with Canon named “Canon Captures Catalina” and a new program with Software Cinema titled “The Pro Techniques & Color Management Training Camp” with Software Cinema which is a 4 part one day seminar that teaches practical hands-on production and PhotoShop techniques. Sildenafil citrate, Several of his Software Cinema workshops are also available on DVD. Sildenafil citrate, He recently completed a new book with Rick Lucas titled “Practical Color Management: Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography”, sildenafil citrate, published by O’Reilly and has several other titles planned soon. Sildenafil citrate,

Eddie shares some steps with Inside Digital Photo on the elements of good color management starting with white balance using a target while on location, sildenafil citrate, calibrating your monitor, sildenafil citrate, and different equipment to use to measure and monitor your color. Sildenafil citrate, Eddie warns users about the dangers of “tweaking” color in their PhotoShop files using an uncalibrated display as this can significantly remove critical color data from the file and ultimately impact the quality of final output. Sildenafil citrate, Eddie and Scott also discuss output color profiles and the importance of choosing the right color space within PhotoShop to ensure great prints. Sildenafil citrate,

For more information about Eddie Tapp visit: or his training programs at:

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Sep 26

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Inside Digital Photo Special Report
Vincent Versace Part I
Creative Exercises for Better Images

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Viagra prescription, Join us for the fifth program in our series showcasing the passion found within today’s top photographers brought to Inside Digital Photo by Epson. Viagra prescription, Vincent Versace, viagra prescription, Photographer, viagra prescription, Trainer, viagra prescription, and Author one of Nikon’s Legend Behind the Lens joins host Scott Sheppard to share insights on his life before digital imaging and some experiences on his transition. Viagra prescription, Although Vincent appreciates his background in traditional film photography, viagra prescription, he was an early adopter of digital photography and has fully embraced and implemented a digital workflow. Viagra prescription,

Viagra prescription, Vincent has a unique vision of digital imaging and photography in general which he expresses that he does not simply take photographs but that the images "take him" and move him to capture their moments behind his lens. Viagra prescription, Vincent’s passion is expressed in his desire to teach other photographers how to influence what they are able to do with their cameras. Viagra prescription,

Viagra prescription, Hear some ways he exercises and trains his creativity and techniques he uses to better understand how to "bend the light" that ultimately results in an amazing image. Viagra prescription,

Viagra prescription, Find out more about Vincent Versace at:
Or his DVD tutorials at:

Viagra prescription, For more information about Epson’s latest professional imaging products visit:

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