Aug 30

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Pills cialis, Jeff Butterworth, pills cialis, CEO, pills cialis, Alien Skin Software, pills cialis, joins host Scott Sheppard for an update on their popular Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and also some details about their latest product Blow Up 2. Pills cialis, Blow Up 2, pills cialis, once installed, pills cialis, will appear in your file automation menu and allow for a quick way to enlarge your images while maintaining the sharpness and quality of your image even if you didn’t capture it at the optimum resolution. Pills cialis, Using a built-in custom algorithm that dramatically improves Photoshop’s built-in resizing tools that actually enhance the image edges for a crisp effect. Pills cialis, The plug-in also has over 100 presets for common output sizes allowing for automatic cropping and resizing that even work in batch mode. Pills cialis,

Pills cialis, For more information about Blow Up 2 and other Alien Skin plug-ins visit:

The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. Pills cialis, McNamara
This week’s topic: Olympus E-3 DSLR is Top Seed at the US Open

Olympus is a camera company that we all know and respect, pills cialis, but for years it’s been lagging behind top tier DSLR manufacturers like Canon and Nikon when it came to advanced-amateur and pro-level DSLRs. Pills cialis, The main reason? Sluggish autofocus systems that couldn’t keep up with action, pills cialis, especially in low light. Pills cialis, Olympus claimed to have fixed that problem last fall with the release of its flagship E-3, pills cialis, and in his report this week, pills cialis, Mike describes his experience shooting with the E-3 and the challenge facing photographers at competitive sporting events such US Open tennis match in Queens, pills cialis, NY.

For more information about Olympus visit:

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Pills cialis, Jack Howard, pills cialis, Photographer & Editor of joins Inside Digital Photo for some tips and information on HDR Imaging. Pills cialis, Following the success of his e-book "HDR: An Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography" released through O’Reilly Publishing, pills cialis, Jack expands his expertise with image examples on the topic with another title "Practical HDRI: High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers" published by Rocky Nook which will hit the shelves mid-September. Pills cialis, Jack explains everything a photographer needs to know including the best gear to create stunning images in a High Dynamic Range workflow. Pills cialis,

Pills cialis, For more information use these links or find out more about Jack on his blog at:

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Aug 25
Inside Digital Photo - Pro Tip of the Week

Chuck Westfall on Low Light Focusing

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Cialis pill, Chuck Westfall, cialis pill, Technical Advisor with the Professional Products Marketing Division of the Consumer Imaging Group with Canon U.S.A., cialis pill, Inc. Cialis pill, joins host Scott Sheppard for some tips on how to setup your camera workflow to get the best results in low or no light conditions. Cialis pill,

Cialis pill, Chuck explains how to setup using an AF assist beam and the Speedlight transmitter to control off camera lighting. Cialis pill, Scott and Chuck discuss various techniques of setting up the custom functions on your camera to control the shot maximizing the available light and still use auto focus correctly. Cialis pill,

Cialis pill, For more information visit Canon’s Digital Learning Center website at:

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