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Glenn RugaGlenn Ruga, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Activist & Founder, SocialDocumentary.net joins Host Scott Sheppard to explain his background and passion for using photography to promote global awareness of issues. Finding a lack of a centralized location where people could go
to find this type of work, Glenn decided to create a website which allows photographers to showcase their image journals and provide a platform where students, researchers, or reporters can go to see these photos.

Glenn explains that photographers often participate in these critical issues either while on assignment or simply because they are passionate about the cause and topic as seen in this photograph by, Daro Sulakuri. Glenn discusses the types of exhibitions included on SocialDocumentary.net many of which are short collections done by both amateur and professional photographers. Although many social documentary photographers have and maintain their own websites, Glenn encourages them to post a few images of their story with description and links to help increase awareness of their work and their chosen issues.

Glenn and Scott also discuss some tips on how to begin creating a photo-documentary journal and details on how to submit images to the site, submitting exhibits are free but there is a small annual fee to maintain your story. Glenn emphasizes it’s important to build a relationship with their subjects and consider the background and overall story behind the images they want to capture demonstrated in this image by Deb Marcano.

To find out more, or submit your own work visit: http://socialdocumentary.net/ Glenn also runs a design firm dedicated to helping non-profit organizations, visit: http://www.vizcom.com/

The McNamara Report on Inside Digital Photo with Michael J. McNamara
This week’s topic: Panasonic dives in deep with its latest cameras

On January 27, 2009 Panasonic invited a horde of Who’s Who journalists from the US and Europe to Miami to show off its newest compact cameras. The weather was great and the beach was hot, but some of us wound up tossing our cameras into the ocean…Find out what drove us to that extreme in this segment of the McNamara Report.

Listen in on the McNamara Report segment or get more photo insights and analysis on a variety of topics from Mike McNamara at: http://www.mcnamarareport.com.

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