Feb 23

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Jack Howard, viagra in uk, Online Technology Editor, viagra in uk, Popphoto.com joins host Scott Sheppard to give an overview of the hottest photo products he noticed at the recent PMA (Photo Marketing Association) 2008 Trade Show. Viagra in uk, Jack shares his insight as a tester and photographer to point out current trends and must-have gear demonstrated during the expo. Viagra in uk, He shares his experiences testing the new Olympus E3, viagra in uk, and others.

Scott and Jack also have a lively discussion and share tips on how to get out of a creative photo “rut”. Viagra in uk, There are times in every photographer’s life when simply taking photos  with ideas on where to find inspiration to try something different including new angles, viagra in uk, new views and perspectives, viagra in uk, in addition to new technologies to Jack shares his recent experiences looking through the lens of the new remake of the Diana + whose rudimentary controls and film force you to go back to basics. Viagra in uk,

Jack, viagra in uk, who has written articles and tech papers on High Dynamic Range imaging, viagra in uk, shares some updates and an overview of the latest application support from Photoshop and Photomatix, viagra in uk, plug-ins, viagra in uk, and standalone solutions now dedicated to HDR imaging. Viagra in uk, Jack also shares some tips on experimenting with combinations of different applications to get the best results. Viagra in uk, To read more visit: http://www.popphoto.com or try out Photomatix at: http://www.hdrsoft.com/


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Feb 16

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Cialis, Josh Haftel, cialis, Product Manager, cialis, Nik Software joins host Scott Sheppard to share details about Viveza, cialis, their latest award winning plug-in for Adobe Photoshop powered by their intuitive U Point technology which is already part of their Capture NX program. Cialis, With the U Point technology, cialis, a photographer can say goodbye to edit intensive masking, cialis, complicated area selections, cialis, and layer adjustments and work intuitively and directly on their images. Cialis,

Cialis, The Viveza plug-in allows you to click the tool onto an area of the image that you’d like to change and it brings up localized adjustment slider bars that control brightness, cialis, color, cialis, contrast, cialis, and more. Cialis, It automatically recognizes and adjusts just the surrounding element areas of the image i.e. Cialis, sky, cialis, skin, cialis, grass, cialis, buildings, cialis, etc. Cialis, based on where you point your mouse, cialis, and different areas of the image can be edited individually without layers or detailed selections. Cialis, For more information about U Point visit: http://www.upoint.com and Viveza at: http://www.niksoftware.com/viveza

Tony Corbell, cialis, Owner, cialis, Corbell Productions is a photographer, cialis, instructor at Brooks Institute of Photography and Nikon “Legend behind the Lens” joins Inside Digital Photo to talk about his experiences using Nik’s plug-ins for Photoshop and his overall digital workflow. Cialis, Tony’s work has gained him a Lifetime Achievement Award from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and recognized as a Photographic Craftsman by the Professional Photographers of America.

Cialis, Although Tony successfully transitioned from film to digital almost 10 years ago, cialis, he fully understands the challenges of the impact of digital technologies on any overall photo workflow. Cialis, He is an active educator at conferences including WPPI, cialis, PhotoPlus Expo, cialis, and Software Cinema and shares some tips and anecdotes of his involvement in the beta testing and creation of Nik’s latest Photoshop tools. Cialis,
For more information about Tony’s work visit: http://corbellproductions.com/

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